smt removal with chipquik alloy ....makes life easy again !

Started by tracker, May 07, 2010, 05:44:21 PM

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Hi all,

Just like to share a quick and easy way to rework smt and make all our life easy again!
found this company selling an alloy called chipquik

They call it  smt chip removal  alloy .It makes it very easy to remove smt chips by  lowering the desolder temperature of  the chip .

To melt the  lead free mix ,at least 215 degC needs to be applied ,which can damage old boards and  chips,if not controlled properly. Chip damage can occur at around 255 deg C. the demo video on their website.

The trick is that chipquik mixes with existing solder and desolders all the pins at once lowering the overall temperature that we need to apply to remove the chip to 150 deg C.

No damage to board and chip !

Life can be simple again !


The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


It does leave residue but its easy to clean .The molten solder mix can just be dragged to an empty area of the board.You can also solder wick it off.
It's important to clean it all off  or it will affect the resoldering of the chip.