Help with setup, Please!

Started by Roy_H, August 05, 2010, 11:26:27 AM

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Just got your Access 2 USB with Tracker, and been very frustrated. 2 days just to get drivers installed and communications with Access 2.

In the Tools Menu of the Huntron Workstation, Options under the Hardware Tab, there is an option for Scanners. We do not have a stand-alone scanner. There is one called NI Switch Executive.
What is it?
Do I need to have any scanner installed?

I tried to learn about alignment. Finding almost no information at all how to use this feature.
When I try to move the probe to the corner of the board to find a fudicial it will go all the way to the back but will not move closer than about 2 inches to the right side. There must be some setting that limits the boundaries it can move to but I can't figure out what that is or how to change it.


I have been told to use two vias for alignment setup VIA_741 and VIA_738. How do I identify these vias?


Welcome Roy.

You need to set the Scanner setting to "None" in the Scanner drop menu.

The best reference for using the software is to view the Huntron Workstation tutorial linked in the Help/Tutorials menu.

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