Keysight E4980A LCR meter
The Keysight E4980A Precision LCR Meter

The latest test instrument to be supported by Huntron Workstation is the Keysight E4980AL LCR meter. The E4980AL provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements. The E4980AL connects to your computer via USB. Most of the instruments measurement types are supported when setting up a test in Huntron Workstation.

Workstation Integration

Similar to other non-Huntron instrument integrations, measurements from the Keysight E4980AL can be sampled directly using the Workstation manual mode. You configure the LCR meter settings and use “Get Reading” to capture a measurement. These settings can be saved to a component in the test using the Set Range button.

Using E4980AL in Manual mode
Using the E4980AL In Workstation manual mode

Tests are created in Workstation similar to the other supported instruments. For more details on how to develop a test, download the Huntron Workstation LCR meter tutorial from the Huntron website:
Huntron Workstation LCR Tutorial
The tutorial provides a step by step explanation of how the test database is created and how you scan and store measurements.

Compare to a Nominal Value or Reference Value

You choose how the measurements are used in your test. You can compare to a preset nominal value or to a reference value captured from a known working component or PCB.

Using a nominal value
Your test can use a nominal value when testing

You can perform your test on a working component or PCB first and set the value captured as a Reference. The Reference value is used as a comparison when scanning suspect components or PCBs. Comparison differences are presented in the Workstation Troublesheet display.

Troublesheet LCR failed measurement
The Workstation Troublesheet will display the failed measurements

If you are interested in using Huntron Workstation to control and capture LCR meter measurements, please contact us for more information.

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