Advanced Circuit Card Automated Test – ACCAT

ACCAT Advanced Circuit Card Automated Test

— January, 2018 — PIDESO and Huntron have joined together to develop the versatile ACCAT system that combines the best of circuit card testing technology. PIDESO has built and maintained its professional reputation as an innovative technical leader. They specialize in development, fielding and life cycle logistics support for military and commercial Automated Test Systems, Test Program Sets and AT Systems capability.
ACCAT’s Flexible solution Meet’s Your Testing Needs
Flexibility, configurable and accelerated test development, defines the ACCAT system. The combination of functional test instrumentation, flexible ITA design, power-off diagnostics and robotic automation ensures you have maximum versatility when developing your test program sets.

  • Reducing time to test and increasing fault coverage leverages the best features of functional and power off testing.
  • ITAs are quickly developed for the circuit card reducing time to test.
  • SimulTest drag and drop graphical test development environment enables engineers and trained technicians to easily create simple or complex test procedures.
  • ACCAT with SimulTest coherent graphical results display and Failure Isolation Matrix make diagnostics more powerful than standalone ATE.
  • Adding automatic guided probes to functional test provides unique I/O and measurement possibilities as well as diagnostics.
  • Complete end-to-end testing without technician intervention.
  • Use power-off ASA diagnostics for safe-to-turn-on and ambiguity group test.

More information on features, benefits and specifications is available on the ACCAT web page

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