The latest Huntron Workstation version has some interesting new Features for All Users

Version 4.3.7632 of the Huntron Workstation software has been released and can be downloaded from the Software page on the Huntron website. So what is new in this release besides the usual maintenance updates (bug fixes)? Read on!

Camera View marked on the Overview Image

The area viewed by the camera on an Access Prober is now marked on the overview Image in the Image pane. Once the Prober has been aligned a semitransparent grey box with red crosshairs will follow the placement of the camera in the Image tab as you move it within the Prober area.

image page cursor
Camera position shown in the Image Pane

Name Tags on the Board Image for Non-Prober systems

For Huntron Tracker users who want to take advantage of the Image pane usually reserved for Access Prober users, Component name tags can now be added to an image loaded into the Image tab. First you select a component in the Tree pane then in the Image tab right-click the location for the tag and select “Set Component Position”. This will attach the tag location to the selected Component and display the tag in the Image. How the tags are displayed is controlled with the None, Current (shows the current Troublesheet) and Comps (all tagged Components) buttons to the left of the image. You can also have the tags displayed during scanning to indicate a pass (green tag) or fail (red tag). All of the Huntron Workstation tutorials have been updated with more information about this feature.

Use Set Component Position to place component name tag

Offset of Pin Locations for two Pin Components on Access DH and DH2

Access DH and DH2 users can now use the Component Group Edit to offset the probing positions of two pin devices (i.e. resistors and caps) in one shot. This will be immensely helpful for those pesky tantalum capacitors where most of the solder pad is under the device.

Group Edit window – offset pins of 2 pin component

Support for the Rohde&Schwarz FSH4 Spectrum Analyzer

Added to the growing list of instruments supported directly by Huntron Workstation is the Rohde&Schwarz FSH4 Spectrum Analyzer. This high quality, portable unit can take measurements up to 3.6GHz. The FSH4 can be used with the Huntron Access RF Prober for full test automation.

R&S FSH4 and waveform captured in Huntron Workstation

Send us your Suggestions!

We value our customers opinions so please let us know if you have a suggestion on how to make the Huntron Workstation software better. You can email us, call us or post on the Huntron Users Forum.

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