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This update may require a firmware update for newer Access Probers, serial number prefixes 522, 532, 542, 552, 672 and 697.

If you are upgrading from Workstation 4.2 please download and follow these driver and firmware installation instructions prior to connecting to your Huntron Tracker or Prober with version 4.3!

New Version 4.3.8837 --   Released March 12, 2024
Note: Download size is 1.3GB.
To install this version, close Huntron Workstation. Unzip the file to a folder and then optionally burn the folder contents to a DVD. If Autorun is enabled on your PC, the install will begin or you can double-click on the WorkstationSetup.exe file. Follow the on-screen prompts based on your connected Huntron hardware. Verify the install by running Huntron Workstation and selecting About Huntron Workstation from the Help menu to view the version number.

Note: Current Workstation Software Maintenance is required to use this new version. Contact Huntron if you need to update your Software Maintenance. Go to our Workstation Software page (scroll down and select the Licensing/PC Specs tab) for more details on Software Maintenance.

System Requirements for Workstation 4.3 - This link opens the Workstation Software product page. Select the Licensing/PC Specs tab at the bottom of the page.

Important Note for existing Tracker Model 30 (including Access Tracker) and Tracker 2800/2800S Users upgrading from version 4.2: You are required to update your Tracker Windows driver and Tracker firmware before you can connect to your Tracker Model 30 (including Access Tracker) or Tracker 2800/2800S. Please download and follow these driver and firmware installation instructions prior to connecting to your Huntron Tracker or Prober with version 4.3. Contact Huntron Technical Support with any questions.

Important Note for existing Access Prober Users upgrading from version 4.2: Install the new versions of the Sensoray and DFK Camera (Access DH users only) software that are included with this release as needed. Also update the HS20USB drivers located in the Windows Device Manager.

Note: Huntron Workstation 4.3 runs under Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10; Requires .NET 4.0 framework. TrackerPXI, Probers with PCI (Sensoray 611) camera card (PIIc, PIIIc, Access with serial connection), Access NFSA, Access EME, and ProTracks with parallel port interface (CE or older versions) are NOT supported in this version. Users of these hardware configurations should use version 4.2.5513.

Note: Huntron Workstation 4.3 requires activation codes to run.

4.3.8837 Change Highlights

- Updated tutorials
- Update to CAD Importer
- Update for Tracker 3200S diagnostics
- Tracker 2800/2800S/3200S firmware updates

Current Huntron Workstation Support Software and Information

Huntron Access DH2 Camera Firmware Update - Access DH2 (with blue Imaging Source DFK cameras) users should download and install the firmware update that will help with camera connection issues.
Instructions: Unzip the downloaded file; Disconnect the Z2 camera cable at the camera; Power on your Access DH2; Run the file "Usb3CamFirmwareUpdate.exe"; Follow the installation as prompted; Power down your Access DH2; Reconnect the Z2 camera cable and disconnect the Z1 camera cable; Power on your Access DH2 and repeat the firmware update; Reconnect the Z1 camera cable when complete. Contact Huntron with any questions

Huntron Workstation version 4 Product page: Link to Product page for Huntron Workstation 4 outlining basic features and specifications.

Huntron Workstation 4.3 Software Tutorial: Link to a tutorial guiding you through basic use of the Huntron Workstation version 4. Download size is 5.3MB.

Huntron Workstation Access RF Tutorial - Full tutorial for using Huntron Workstation 4.3 with the Access RF Prober

Huntron Tracker Model 3200S and Workstation Software Tutorial: Link to a tutorial specifically written for use with the Tracker 3200S and Huntron Workstation. Download size is 2.1MB.

Huntron Tracker Model 30 and Workstation Software Tutorial: Link to a tutorial specifically written for use with the Tracker Model 30, Scanner II and Huntron Workstation. Download size is 1.4MB.

Huntron Tracker 2800 and Workstation Software Tutorial: Link to a tutorial specifically written for use with the Tracker 2800 and Huntron Workstation. Download size is 1.3MB.

CAD Import Tutorial for Workstation 4.3 - Tutorial covering the import of CAD layout data into Huntron Workstation 4.3 using Unisoft ProntoView-Markup. Download size is 2.5MB.

Huntron Workstation Tutorial for LCR Meter - Tutorial guiding you through using the Keysight E4980AL LCR meter in Huntron Workstation.

Huntron Workstation Tutorial for DMMs: Link to a tutorial guiding you through using supported digital multimeters in Huntron Workstation version 4. Download size is 1.9MB.

Huntron Workstation Tutorial for Oscilloscopes: Link to a tutorial guiding you through using supported oscilloscopes in Huntron Workstation version 4. Download size is 2.3MB.

Huntron Workstation 4.X Previous Full Versions


Huntron Workstation 4.2 Software Tutorial: Link to a tutorial guiding you through basic use of the Huntron Workstation version 4.2. Download size is 6.7MB.

CAD Import Tutorial for Huntron Workstation 4.2/4.1: Link to a tutorial (using CAMCAD Pro) guiding you through using CAD data for test creation in Huntron Workstation version 4. Download size is 3.7MB.

Software Downloads

Previous Huntron Workstation version 4.3.8705  Released November 1, 2023

Previous Huntron Workstation version 4.3.8502  Released April 12, 2023

Previous Huntron Workstation version 4.3.8230  Released July 19, 2022

Previous Huntron Workstation version 4.3.8042  Released January 24, 2022

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.7941: install DVD released September 28, 2021

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.7912: install DVD released August 31.2021

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.7656: install DVD released December 23, 2020

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.7278: install DVD released December 6, 2019

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.7144: install DVD released August 1, 2019

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.7023: install DVD released March 29, 2019

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6995: install DVD released February 27, 2019

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6850: install DVD released October 4, 2018

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6661: install DVD released March 28, 2018

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6541: install DVD released November 30, 2017

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6361: install DVD released June 5, 2017

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6120: install DVD released October 4, 2016

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.6074: install DVD released August 19, 2016

Previous version Huntron Workstation version 4.3.5955: install DVD released April 22, 2016

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.3.5829: install DVD released December 17, 2015; first version using new VistaDB database format

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.2.5513: install CD released February 10, 2015; This version is only supported up to Windows 7 and is last version to support ProTrack with parallel port, Sensoray 611 frame grabber, Prober IIc, Prober IIIc, TrackerPXI, Access 2 NFSA, Access 2 EME

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.2.5451: install CD released December 4, 2014

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.2.5228: install CD released April 28, 2014

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.4974: install CD released August 14, 2013

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.4756: install CD released January 8, 2013

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.4540 (1st to support Windows 7 64bit): install CD released June 5, 2012 (520Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.4352: install CD released December 1, 2011 (520Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.4324: install CD released November 7, 2011 (520Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.4134: install CD released April 28, 2011 (249Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.3999: install CD released December 14, 2010 (240Mb download)
Important Update for CAD Import users using version 4.1.3999: Download this
Extract the WorkstationImport.exe file and replace the existing file in your Program Files/Huntron Workstation folder. The new EXE file fixes a problem with the CAD Import Wizard installed with the 4.1.3999 version.

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.3747: install CD released April 7, 2010 (240Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.3579: install CD released Oct. 27, 2009 (530Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.3498: install CD released Aug. 5, 2009 (230Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.3273: install CD released Dec. 22, 2008 (230Mb download)

Previous version Huntron Workstation 4.1.3138: Install CD released August 5, 2008 (225MB download)

Previous Version Huntron Workstation 4.1.2881: Install CD released November 29, 2007 (230MB download)

Previous Version Huntron Workstation 4.1.2678: Install CD released May 7, 2007 (211MB download)

CAD Tools CCASM 1.3 download (Full installation - 305MB)
This is the last update of CCASM that contains CAMCAD Pro for Workstation 4.1/4.2 users licensed for CAD Import. Download the zipped file and extract it to a folder on your hard drive. Run the setup file to install CCASM 1.3. IMPORTANT: When the Mentor Graphics application selection menu is displayed, select to install CAMCAD Professional ONLY. Do not install any other Mentor Graphics applications included on the CD.

Workstation Release History

4.3.8705 Change Highlights

- Support for new version Trackers 3200S, 2800 and 2800S with serial numbers 3000 and above - includes firmware update
- Signature capture speed update for new version Trackers (serial numbers 3000 and above)
- Update for ProTrack Scanner users to correct relay selection issue

4.3.8502 Change Highlights

- Added Keysight E4980AL LCR Meter support (Download tutorial)
- Camera Exposure Control updates
- Updates for New Haven LCD screen on 2800/2800S and 3200S
- Maintenance fixes for AutoAlign cancel
- Maintenance fixes for ViewPCB tab updating
- Maintenance fixes for Panelize function
- Digital zoom added to camera views in Prober pane (right click image, select Zoom or Unzoom)

4.3.8230 Change Highlights

- Command Line controls updates
- Speed update for Access Probers with Huntron Motor controller (serial number prefixes 522, 532, 542, 552, 672 and 697)
- Updates for DFK Prober cameras
- Tree update to display Net Test status
- Edit default Board Path in text field (Tools/Options/General tab)
- Updates to HAF file importing

4.3.8042 Change Highlights

- Updates to installation process for Access Prober cameras
- Support for new Access DH2 Pixelink cameras
- Capacitive measurements added for DMM 34461A
- Fixes to MDB conversion process
- General maintenance fixes

4.3.7941 Change Highlights

- Maintenance update
- Added Tracker firmware updates

4.3.7912 Change Highlights

- Maintenance updates
- Teach Tab: Added shaded area in orange to indicate possible access issues caused by prober Z axis shaft. Controlled by Options setting.
- Added support and controls for Pixelink Cameras
- Modified Access, Access 2 and Access DH2 homing movement. Firmware update.
- Modifications for single head Probers with DFK cameras
- Modifications to DIP2X and SIP2X scanning
- Support for new Tracker LCD
- Tutorials updated
- Changes to ASCII Store output

4.3.7656 Change Highlights

- Maintenance updates
- Support for Rohde-Schwarz FSH4 Spectrum Analyzer
- Camera position is shown in the Image pane/Image tab
- Non-Prober users can add image to Image pane/Image tab and assign tags attached to selected Component
- Image pane enabled for Tracker 2800/2800S users
- Pulse Generator/DC Source settings shown in Signature box
- Pin Offset available for 1 pin devices on Access DH or DH2
- Tutorials updated
- Improvements to 3.X/4.1/4.2 test conversion
- Update to CAD Import to allow selection of preferred Common net/node (Access DH/DH2)

4.3.7278 Change Highlights

- Maintenance updates
- Support for new DFK cameras on Access and Access 2 Probers
- Camera selection improved during Workstation installation
- Auto Align library updated
- Board level Statistics added
- B-K Precision 2841 DC Resistance meter implemented into Workstation
- Tutorials updated
- Updates to ring light control on Access DH2
- Fixes to Scanner Shorts Check function

4.3.7144 Change Highlights
- Maintenance updates
- Huntron ASCII Text file support added for test creation (see HAT File Import Tutorial for more details)
- Modifications for foot switch operation
- Improvements to CAD Import functions
- CTRL + O will display Board instructions
- Update to VistaDB core
- Tutorials updated
- Updates to ring light control on Access DH2
- File menu/Recent Files now shows up to 10 file names
- Updates to Remote Control functions

- Includes Prober firmware update for Access and Access 2 Prober with New Motor Controller (serial prefix 522, 532, 542, 552) - Maintenance updates
- Troublesheet performance improved
- Updates to Interlock and Stop Control for Access DH2
- Option to automatically select last Scan when selecting Components
- Updates to Access DH and DH2 ring light and camera settings
- 4 wire resistance measurement capability added for External DMMs
- Tutorials updated
- Font sized increased in prompt window when manual scanning
- Updates for working with components with more than 2048 pins
- Toolbar Control for interior Access DH2 lighting

4.3.6995 Highlights
Maintenance updates
Updated tutorials

4.3.6850 Highlights
Maintenance updates
Auto Align changed improvements
Camera configuration saving
Sensoray driver update
DFK Camera driver update
Troublesheet rescan opens
Replace probe tip(s) function
Updated tutorials

4.3.6661 Highlights
Maintenance updates
New Motor Controller support
DH2 Support

4.3.6541 Highlights
Maintenance updates
Auto Align changed to MicroNet
Unisoft CAD import improvements
DFK Camera driver update
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4.3.6361 Highlights
Maintenance updates
Unisoft CAD import improvements
Scan/Signature Archiving
Remote enhancements
External Hardware enhancements File association

4.3.6120 Highlights
Maintenance updates
External Hardware enhancements

4.3.6074 Highlights
Maintenance updates
Unisoft CAD import improvements
Troublesheet speed enhancement
Component Group Edit enhancement
Camera Image size adjustment
Net test enhancements

4.3.5955 Highlights
DMM text in Signature box updated
Function to Turn Off Z motors when taking measurement
VID and PID selections added to Hardware selection
Support for parallel connected ProTrack ends
Fixes to scaling of oscilloscope waveform display
Fix to Set by Location function
Fixes to Time Estimating calculations
Update Component added to Signature menu
Installer, DFK Camera, VistaDB, Dev Express updates
Updates to Remote Control functions
Fixes to Convert process

4.3.5829 Highlights
New Vista DB implemented
Access DH minimum spacing added
Support for PCI based Sensoray cards removed
Support for parallel connected ProTrack removed
Support for CAMCAD Pro ends
Unisoft ProntoView Markup supported for CAD import
V, R, F addded to Signature box
Update Component added to Signature menu
XML import CAD import added

4.2.5513 Highlights
Last version to support Sensoray PCI camera cards and parallel ProTrack
Fixes to Prober movement when using Image tab
Access DH updates - Z movement
Auto Align updates

4.2.5451 Highlights
DMM, oscilloscope tutorials updated
Access DH updates - Teach Height fixes
Access DH probing area extended
Increment checkbox added to teach pane for Probe packages
DFK camera drivers update
Updates to DMM support
Changes to Open sigbnature detection in No Ref tab

4.2.5228 Highlights
Installation issues addressed
Fixes to Remote Control scanning functions
Update to Image tags in Image pane
Updates to Drain functionality
Update to Estimated Time calculation
Default ranges changed to be compatible with Tracker 2800
Sensoary X11 support in 32 bit only

4.1.4756 Change Highlights
Range tab - Displays actual Delay times
Teach tab - Auto Travel update added - automatically calculates next travel move for multi-pin devices
Options - Limit test creation to Tracker 2800 ranges
Troublesheet - Disable Ranges added to right-click menu
General - Disable Board level instructions
General - Stimulus Control added for custom integrations
Troublesheet - open signature sorting enhanced
Tree - Added ability to change scan serial number
Image pane - Grid tab- New feature to add grid based components i.e. PGA devices
Image pane - Ability to add PCB image overlay to Grid image
Image tab - Enhanced to remove black border around board image
Access USB - Fixed entry that caused clicking in camera image to overshoot
Component Edit - Window redesigned to use tabbed menus for several parameters
Image tab - Component names can be displayed with image

4.1.4540 Change Highlights
General - Support for Windows 7 64bit
HAF Import - Trap errors to log and prompt at the end that errors occurred.
Import - Added Completed line to log files. Added import information to Bottom log file. Removed side information.
Range - Drain also works for 2800 and 2800S. Drain is performed before delay.
Live Camera - Updated Video Grabber
Live Camera Tab - update select camera list.
Install - add instructions for updating Drivers on 64bit systems. Readme Updated
Main - Have Reset Panes fix toolbars issue.
Main- Prober Disconnect Toolbar button. Disconnect Turn off prober, Move head and init home.
Prober - Changed Sensoray to Version 1.1.12
Prober - Changed default Auto Align Accuracy to 10 microns from 5.
Access 2 - Changed grey camera microns per pixel settings.
Align Tab - Added feature to align Z1 and Z2 Camera. The option can be turned on in the Prober Tab of Options.
Camera Tab - 100% image button on Camera tab
Height Tab - Added option for not updating Preview tab. Need for triggered External waveforms
Offset Tab - Increase offset tolerances for Access probers to allow customization of probe
Panelize Tab - Made Rotation default to 0
ReAlign Tab - Added feature to align Z1 and Z2 Camera. The option can be turned on in the Prober Tab of Options.
Pin Tab - Add pause to the pin level that prompts with instructions during scan if not in probe mode.
Scan Tab - Sequence scan with Scanner system- need previous component button at end of scan

4.1.4352 Change Highlights
CAD Tab - Option to disable CAD It takes a long time to load on big complicated boards.
CAD Tab - Options Cancel with no file causes error.
View PCB Tab - Option to disable View PCB. It takes a long time to load on big complicated boards. Only show Common Probe locations if DH activated.
Prober - Changed Sensoray to Version 1.1.10
Troublesheet Tab - Range Mode, Net Test, Some pins Open, No Reference, Two rows of sigs for same pin.
Align Tab - Changes made to Auto Align. If it can find image first passes try again at 75% of Score.
Displays X/Y Error as score for each point. More points in search grid 8 instead of 4. Allow 10 instead of 5 trys to position.
Align Tab - Fixed issues with new Auto Align Implmentation. Increased trys to 20.
Prober Pane - Lock Panes, Unlock Panes. Prober Pane stays locked.
Prober Pane - New Camera on Access and Access 2 microns/step different. Add checkbox in options to select Access (2) USB Grey Camera.
Troublesheet Tab - Display Long Net Names. Limit font size so more shown on single Sig display? Add Net Name field to Data dialog?
Scan Tab - Status messages Scan list full path too long. Use on file name.
Signature Tab - Range Mode, Net test, Number of pins not set correctly, Top pin 11 could not scroll to pin.
Troublesheet Tab - Add Scan Date time to Troublesheet report.
Troublesheet Tab - Data window shows Tree Component not Troublesheet Component
Troublesheet Tab - Scrolling components eventually causes the S/W to exit.
Troublesheet Tab - Show Pin number of Signature. Move Net name to second line
Pin Tab - Changing Pin names does not update the Teach and Teach Height Pin lists until a component change.
Range Tab - Adding 6th Range causes an Error
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4.1.4324 Change Highlights
Import - Many improvements to CAD Import process
Main - Implemented Get Image functionality
Main - Hide Z1 NFSA Enable and uncheck, UnHide Z2 NFSA Enable if Access DH
Main - Changed Sensoray 2250 Diagnostics program to updated version
Main - Fixed Toolbar tooltips
Main - Added Scan Option to make Continuous Scan not store scans
Hardware Tab - Added Access DH Z steps per second of 32000
Hardware Tab - Add COM port support up to COM10
Options - Add THP Internal External Tracker control to the External Hardware Items so they can use the BNC connections
Align Tab - Add AutoAlign ROI box
Image Tab - Create Image overlaps image if it hits the travel limits
Prober - Get multiple images to help with auto white balance in Auto Align, Create Image and Get Image feature
Scan Tab - Change Continous to Scan Continous and List to Scan Scan List.
Tracker, Scanner, Preview tabs - Right-click menus added Teach tab (Nets) - 0 button added that sets selected net pin to zero (do not probe) Signature Pane - Fixes to eliminate build up of memory usage or CPU usage over time so that the program becomes very sluggish
Tester Pane - Signature pane displayed to the right instead of below when Tester mode started. Only Display Signature pane after scan completes
Tester Pane - Stopping a continued scan, says PASSED or FAILED not STOP
Troublesheet Tab - UnRemove selects the Failed tab instead of the removed tab
Troublesheet Tab - Scan list button tooltip changed and added to Help
Troublesheet Tab - Right Click Group Edit and Net Edit disable the Range and Components Scan grid scrollbars
Tester Pane - Manual alignment corrected
Sequence Dialog - Add Delete image buttons
Sequence Dialog - Front and Left Coordinates now displayed
Troublesheet Tab - Move the get/replace signature commands to the top of the right click menu. Put Reprobe at the very top. Put Realtime below Reprobe
Troublesheet Tab - Get Signature and Replace signatures enabling fixed

4.1.4134 Change Highlights
Added support for Tracker 2800/2800S with USB port
View PCB Tab - Show Access DH Z2 points in another color
Help - Added Tracker 2800 Tutorial
HAF Import - Remove ZigZag screen
Sensoray - Upgraded to version V119
Tracker 2800 - Added Tracker 2800 Driver to install CD and Installed Drivers folder
Main - Add Tracker 2800 with only its ranges and just the Tree and Signature panes
Tracker 2800 - Add Tracker 2800 Diagnostics
Prober Pane - Change Image Mouse cursor to windows Cross
Remote - Workstation RemoteGetComponents function gets all components for the current sequence
Teach Tab - Next Component but says Net if previous file was a net sequence and new file is component and only one sequence
Troublesheet - Stored ASCII Removed components show up as passed. Issue was at Pin and Range Levels
Scan Tab - Allow probes to stay down if same XY as previous position. Access DH
Scanner Tab - Number of pins available should be controlled by hardware selected
Scanner Tab - Packages available should be controlled by hardware selected
Scanner Tab - PASSED FAILED font too big
Troublesheet Tab - Add Reprobe/Get Pin Signatures/Replace Pin Signatures
Sequence Tab - Sequence tab column says Enable THP but should say Enable DH
Sequence Tab - Move board images from Board level to Sequence level

4.1.3999 Change Highlights
Updates to Help/About Workstation menu to include additional Prober information
CAD Tab - Add Select all and deselect all on options tabs
Camera Tab - Add Common Pin Controls
Component Tab - Add package type of CABLE for using SCSI cable that just sets relays numbers
Component Tab - Warning message when changing # pins or package should warn of deleteing scans, ranges, pins
Hardware Tab - Add setting for XY accuracy. Distance the correction steps stop correcting
Image Tab - Add Selection for Video devices
Import - Added licensing for ODB++ and SciCards
Import - Have file name when creating (saving) HAF and CC file default to the board name. Also when selecting in HAF Import
Main - Make HAF import available all the time
Install - Updated Sensoray 2250 SDK to version 118
Main - Approve Windows 7 (32-bit) support
Main (Toorbar) - Disable Prober/Enable Prober Toolbar button added
Net Tab - Hide Top or Bottom Pin based on Sequence Side of Board
Prober Pane - Need to support 1024x768 camera resolution
Prober Pane - Clicking on image crosshairs issue resolved; mouse trackeing added
Tools/Options/Prober Tab - Move XY and Z Travel, Auto Align and Reprobe times to the Options Prober tab
Remote - Hide Workstation on task bar when minimized
Remote - Add a GetAligned, GetLoadedFile, GetComponentNames, GetPinNames, CameraPicture (from either camera) functions
Remote - Add the ability to get a list of failed components for getting signatures; include Area and Deviation numbers
Teach Tab - Add a Image Display 100% button to Teach
Teach Tab - Have Comp› button in Teach tab change to Net› when using net based test
Teach Tab - Control over Probe package increment (set in Tools/Options/Prober)
Tracker Tab - Add settings for foot switch to allow it to control the range settings and Hold button
Tracker Tab - Clear Hold button to clear a held signature rather than having to change a range setting
Troublesheet - Compact Signatures Report Level 6 sigs per page
Troublesheet Tab - Layout change - Passed, Failed, Removed tabs added
Troublesheet Tab - Create Scan list of failed, removed, passed components
View PCB Tab - Show Access DH Z2 points in another color

4.1.3747 Changes:
Help updated
Main   Add Help menu item that links to the Huntron Forum
Main   Add support for Access 2 / 30 /NFSA 680- serial number prefix.
Range Tab   Group Edit and Net Edit Drain was missing.
General   Add the Drain time in milliseconds setting.
Signature Tab   Remember scale setting and add to options.
Tree Pane   Option to copy and paste component with or without scans.
Prober   Add option for second XY travel box.
Main   Add Option to set starting tabs for panes. CAD vs. Image startup issue.
Scan Tab   Scan individual component with one pin, previous gives error. Also fixed issues with Previous Pin and Previous Component buttons. Also Display Component Name on Component Instructions Window.
Troublesheet Tab   If compare depth is Component or Pin Opens not sorted to the top. Pin Area always 10000.
Remote   Huntron Remote App Source code updated for ease of customer use.
Remote   Added the ability to set the tcp channel number.
Statistics   Time estimates can be off by double - fixed to estimate more accurately
Component Tab   When adding components into the sequence using the “repeat” function, automatically go to the “name” cell on the new component.
Signature Pane   Add Range number to signature displays.
Signatures Tab   Link Scan List in Signature pane/Signature tab to Troublesheet tab. Add a Troublesheet button to the Sig Tab
Install   CAMCAD 4.8 does fit on the CD. Create Separate CAD CD
Teach Tab   Net imports are treated like a Probe package in Teach mode. The Save button will increment the pin number making the Prober move to the next pin. Change the Save function to NOT increment the pin.
Signature Pane   Add Edit Compnent/Net to signature right click for use with Nets.
Import   Detect negative coordinates during prescan and warn to set board outline and origin.
Install   Change required resolution back to 800x600 for netbooks.
Component   Default Clear XY with Copy Move to Checked.
Range Tab   Put Tester field on the grid for Tracker Tests.
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4.1.3579 Changes
Help updated
CAD   Ability to rotate CAD view.
Install   Change to CAMCAD Update 3
Offset Tab   Add Live Camera Selection.
Teach Height Tab   Add Reset button to clear all Z settings for the sequence.
Teach Height Tab   Added Clear Component Up button and rearranged controls.
Teach Height Tab   Separate Sequence Up and Down to different group boxes. Set Pin 1. Move Check and Cancel outside group box.
Teach Tab   Add second selectable XY Travel box for fine movement.
Scan Tab   Ability to do scan list from Sequence Right Click. Add to Help.
Scan Tab   Add option to not go home after component scan and sequence scan.
Signatures Tab   Mark reference scans in list. Marked with *.
Tracker Tab   Channel B hold signature should be displayed in Red.
Troublesheet Tab   Provide option to sort troublesheet by Pin area but keep the ranges in order.
Pin Grid   Add Scan Pin Column right click Set All and Default All.
Range Tab   Add status when adding a range to all comp, sequences
Tree Pane   Add Find to Name column header right click menu for Sequence, Component, Net and Pin.

4.1.3498 Changes
Help updated
Database update for NFSA support (previous databases will be converted when opened)
Scan tab now called Component Scans
Scanner II counting errors fixed
Zoom to 100% view in Align tab
Z Travel of 256 mils added to drop menu
Tracker tab A/B comparison mode improved
New version of CAMCAD Pro (4.7)
Signature refresh issues in Troublesheet fixed
Improvemnets to increase Prober test speed
Sensoray camera driver update
Set Net (sets selected pin as test net pin) and Next Component buttons added to Teach tab
Improvements for Net test scanning speed
Ability to Clear XYZ positions
Home after Sequence Scan added
Ability to automatically enable a Range Drain for Model 30 and TrackerPXI

4.1.3273 Changes
Help updated
Create Board Image Updates
Probe Tip Camera Resource Reduction
Options added Net Scan All Pins, Enabled Default Range Selections
180 degree Alignment Rotation Update
Teach Height Check Updates
Teach Increment Pin on save for Probe packages
Remote Control Updates
Common Pins Set During Delay Period
Prober Commons Cleared after Scan
Scanner Tab Updates
Signature Right Click Added Edit Pin, Edit Range, Teach Pin and Teach Height Pin
Tracker Tab Real-time Updates
Components Scanned with No Scan Pins Show as Not Tested instead of Passed
Tester Pane Updates
SIP 2X Package Pins corrected
Range Row Right Click Delete Update

4.1.3138 Changes
Button File Handling
Converting Delay
ProTrack Diagnostics
CAD Tab Sync
Board Image movement
Latest Audio Driver requirement
Live Camera Update
HAF Import Presan Speed
Window Docking
Prober Diagnostics
Prober Timeouts
Z Travel Setting
No reference detection of opens
Scanner II pin control
Signature Zoom
CAD support of ODB++ Reader
1024x768 resolution requirement
Window Last confiuration
Window Reset Panes
File Save A Copy
Options Factory Defaults
Options Default Board Path
SigAssist always enabled
Sequence Row Right Click Clear All Component Up
Option to run Auto Align at start of scan if needed
Option to Sync Pin/Range when Get Pin Signatures
Option to build and repeat components Clearing XY positions

4.1.2881 Changes:
New Sensoray 2250 Driver Software
Sensoray 2250 Frame Grabber Aspect Ratio
Sensoray X11 Frame failure Retry
Prober IIC and IIIc Issues
Scan List File name displayed on status Bar
Fixed Component Scan Continuous Stop On Failed
Alt mode for Trackers
Troublesheet Report fixes
Prober Timeout fix
Several Exception Error Fixes
Buttons Dialog Help
Troublesheet Report sorting and pass/fail
Store ASCII Pin Level
Zoom Signature
Several Exception Error Fixes
Support for Access USB, Access USB w/ Tracker, Access 2 USB, Access 2 USB w/ Tracker
Support for Tracker Model 30, Scanner II Model 30S, Scanner Model 31S

4.1.2678 patch
- Live camera tab for using the Optilia video microscope or other video sources
- Sort Components/Nets by location and CAD Probes
- Group Edit for making changes on multiple pins and ranges of multiple components
- Net Edit for making changes on multiple pins and ranges of multiple nets
- Sync Pin/Range from signatures and Troublesheet tabs
- Get Pin Signatures to get hardware signatures of all ranges of a pin
- Pin/Range mode for signatures setting in options
- Replace Pin Signatures to replace all of the signatures of a pin with the hardware signatures
- Check and uncheck References for sequence scans
- Image Tab File Open remembers last file opened
- MultiSIP package for accessing scanner common pins in SIP order (useful for Prober with Scanner systems)
- Delete Previous Scan Yes/No/Cancel
- Added Scan Pin and signature display to Remote Control
- Reset window panes to defaults
- Optional loading of previous board file
- Updated CAD control
- Changed file locations to support Windows limited users

Addressed issues in the following areas:
- CAD syncing
- Signature Zoom
- Teach Height
- Auto Store ASCII
- Database Repair
- Troublesheet
- Range editing
- Tester pane
- Scan Results Indication

Version 4.1.2538
Feature Summary (bold indicates location):
- Optional Remote Control feature(Contact Huntron to Purchase) Activation Code
- Support for NI Switch Executive and Geotest switch cards Tools/Options/Hardware
- Auto Align feature for Probers(Contact Huntron for Activation Code) Prober/Align
- Optional CAD feature for importing CC files directly (Contact Huntron to Purchase) File/Import
- Reprobe mode for conformal coated boards Signature/Scan
- Opens without reference Deviation 1001 and Area 10001 to move to top on troublesheet Signature/Troublesheet
- Added Serial Number, Operator, Passed/Failed to top of troublesheet View/Reports/Troublesheet
- Tester Pane improvements Tester
- Many other enhancements 
Issues Fixed Summary (bold indicates location):
- Faster Loading of databases with CAD data Startup
- Tree multiple selection limit issue Tree Grids
- Range Set All issues Tree/Range Grid
- Signature Zoom double click and SigAssist to right click menu Signature/Troublesheet
- SIP package relay numbers set incorrectly  Tree/Pin
- Multiple Reference Compare Depth issues Signature/Scan
- Inconsistencies in scrolling signatures Signature/Troublesheet
- Sync CAD issues Image/CAD
- Footswitch issues Signature/Scan
- Prober IIc and Prober IIIc Slot issues Prober
- Many other fixes 

Version 4.1.2314
Issues resolved (bold indicates fix location):
- Support for TrackerPXI Options/Hardware
- Added Sequence Scan List feature Scan Dialog
- Group Copy/Paste/Cut/Delete of Tree items Tree
- Allow Package/Number of pins component changes Tree/Component
- Command line parameters for Board file, Sequence, Component/Net
- Install for All Users or Single User Registry modification
- Updated version of Router Solutions CAMCAD (for CAD import licensed users; see update listed below)
- Manual selection on Help menu Help
- Manual PDF file installed in Documents folder
- Support for COM5 serial port Options/Hardware
- Offset tab Reset button Prober/Offset
- Get Signature and Real-time on Troublesheet passed and removed components Signatures/Troublesheet
- Get Signature and Real-time Z home
- Convert bottom side sequences correctly Convert
- Warning message at hardware connection before Prober goes home Workstation startup
- Offset Z down positioning Prober/Offset
- Height warning to select pin before Sequence Down Prober/Teach Height

Issues resolved (bold indicates fix location):
- Using USB to Serial Converter locks computer after Prober moves.
- Prober III does not move correctly. During long diagonal moves. Prober
- Clicking Rescan while it is scanning causes two scans to be going on at the same time. Disable the button during scanning. Scan
- Scans Tab DateTime Right Click Column Menu Delete All with Current .Sequence menu items cause a Missing error.
- Software Activation error if Windows Regional Settings set to French. Activation
- Import Message box shows codes when starting HAF Assist.
- Camera offset warns of invalid offsets even when the offset is set correctly. Offset tab
- ProTrack Diagnostics Loop Calc cannot write files w/o Admin Rights. Write files to My Documents\Huntron\Hardware folder. Diagnostics

Fixes (bold indicates fix location):
- Import Coordinates of Probes not imported correctly. Import
- Import Fiducials not working as alignment points. Import
- Options Default signature color appears to be white on fresh install. Options
- Offset Tab- If new probe position is back and left of previous position the probe moves to the old position. Prober
- Buttons- Button causes errors with invalid file attached. List available file types in drop down and only allow those types. ONLY ALLOW ICO, BMP, GIF AND JPG FILES. Also updated Program and File Browse dialogs. Tree
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