New Videos!

The Huntron YouTube channel has had several new videos added since our last last News update. Videos looking at how to change alignment points (Realign process), using the Drain feature and a closer look at SigAssist with Trackers and Huntron Workstation are available for all to view.

Check out the Huntron YouTube channel!

New Huntron Workstation release

A new version of Huntron Workstation has just been released (June 4) and is available for download on the Huntron Software web page.
There are the usual maintenance updates (aka bug fixes), a couple of features added and firmware updates for Tracker 2800/2800S and Tracker 3200S.
Here is a brief list:
– Error log for tracking software issues
– Updates to ASCII reports; SigAssist data added
– Updates to HAT Import
– Updates to Access DH2 ring light controls
– “Enable” added to Range level Group Edit
– Update for Pixelink camera controls; Use Up/Down arrows or PgUp/PgDn keys to adjust settings
– Update for Tracker 3200S diagnostics
– Tracker 2800/2800S/3200S firmware updates

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