Tracker 3200S

The latest release of Huntron Workstation, version 4.3.8705, is now available for download from the Huntron website. Visit the Huntron Software webpage to get your copy.

This release is specifically in support for the new versions of the Tracker 2800, Tracker 2800S and Tracker 3200S that have redesigned main circuit boards. The redesign was necessary to deal with parts obsolescence and source changes. This has been a real issue for electronic equipment manufacturers in recent years. We hope that this design is more “future proof”. This update also includes a firmware update for Tracker 2800, 2800S and 3200S with serial numbers 3000 and higher. The update can be installed through the Huntron Workstation Diagnostics for your Tracker type.

A current Workstation license is needed to install this update. For more information on Huntron Workstation licenses visit the Huntron Workstation web page and scroll down to the “Licenses/PC Specs” tab.

2 responses to “New Huntron Workstation Release”

  1. I know the Keysight 34410A is not compatible with Windows 11, I tried it.
    Is the Keysight 4980AL compatible with Windows 11. I suspect not.
    As I believe Microsoft say check compatibility first.
    Perhaps Windows 12 will be fully compatible with programs that run on Window 10!
    Workstation 4.3 runs on Windows 11 but not all of its applications.

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