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Huntron and the DoD - MTR (Gold Disk) Program

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What is the Gold Disk Program?


Under the guidance of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), the Module Test and Repair (MTR) Program develops and provides electrical/electronic module test and repair capabilities to organizational (O-level) and intermediate (I-level) maintenance facilities for both ashore and afloat commands. NUWC DETACHMENT FEO NORFOLK Code 2525 serves as the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) for various MTR equipment. As such, they develop and provide technical manuals, develop Gold Disks for circuit card assemblies, and certifie Gold Disk Developers and developer sites. NUWC Det. also provides for the maintenance and operation of MTR facilities, supplies technical assistance and guidance for all aspects of the MTR Program, develops and certifies DoD training curriculum and schoolhouses, provides User and Developer training and is the Gold Disk Verification Agent for all DoD activities. Huntron Inc. has been a key supplier for the 2M and MTR Gold Disk programs since their inception and continues to support the program’s hardware and software needs. Points of Contact:
General information and support: email

U.S. Navy Saves Millions with the Module Test and Repair (MTR) Program

The primary goal of the MTR Program is to save on cost through cost avoidance and reduce turn-around time from CCA diagnosis to repair. The goal has been more than successfully achieved and has become a model for other military installations looking to bring CCA repair in-house.

Cost Savings and Benefits of the 2M MTR Program

  • For the FY14, the program yielded $37,163,983 in cost avoidance, with 8,367 repairs and 564 casualty reports. Since the program began in FY96, the cost avoidance for the Navy is $679.49 million, with the total funding for that period at $70.83 million. The return on investment since FY96 is $608.66 million.
  • In FY 2011, the Miniature/Microminiature (2M) Electronic Repair and Module Test and Repair MTR Program won the DoD Value Engineering (VE) Joint Service Award award presented by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
  • Improves Readiness and Sustainability of ships/systems
  • Results in reduced requirements for spare CCA/EMs
  • Minimizes Diminishing Manufacturing Source and Material Shortages (DMSMS) problems
  • Minimizes No Failure Evident cards being sent to depots
  • Technicians are eligible for Monthly CNO Gold Disk Award from OPNAV N4