• Testing Conformal Coated PCBs with a Huntron Access Prober

    The latest video on the Huntron YouTube channel discusses testing conformal coated PCBs with the Huntron Access Prober. One of the toughest challenges when testing printed circuit boards with protective coatings is penetrating the coating to make good contact with the test point. Achieving good contact is necessary when capturing a test measurement you can […]

  • Locate Short Circuits using a Milliohmmeter

    Huntron Automates Short Circuit Location Huntron Technical Support ran some experiments to locate short circuits on printed circuit boards (PCB) recently. The process included a B&K Precision 2841 Milliohm meter connected to a Huntron Access DH2 dual head Prober. The Access DH2 automated the placing of the test probes on PCB components. We created Huntron […]

  • Share your Huntron Experience

    We want to hear from Huntron users about how you use your Huntron system. We are looking for concise and informative testimonials that describe how you use Huntron equipment in your testing environment. Share what your company does and what your testing needs require along with a brief description of how Huntron fits into your […]

  • Manual versus Automated PCB Testing

    Huntron has been making the Huntron Tracker for 45 years and flying probers to automate electronic test processes for 30 years. Trackers have traditionally used manual probes to interface to test points on printed circuit boards (PCB). Because of the growth of surface mounted electronic devices (SMD), we introduced our first robotic flying prober in […]

  • Service for Electric Vehicle Electronics

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to make up a considerable share of the new vehicle market. There are definite performance and environmental advantages to EVs over vehicles powered by fossil fuels. That being said, support and maintenance for EVs or more specifically the service for electric vehicle electronics is still developing into a mature infrastructure. […]

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    Quick Tip #5 Added to Huntron YouTube

    How to use the Huntron Workstation Multi-pane Layout The latest Huntron YouTube Quick Tip has been added to the Huntron YouTube channel. This Quick tip looks at the multi-pane layout used by Huntron Workstation and how to move, rearrange, dock and re-dock the individual panes. This video is sure to have some useful information for […]

  • What’s new in the latest Huntron Workstation 4.3 Release

    The latest Huntron Workstation version has some interesting new Features for All Users Version 4.3.7632 of the Huntron Workstation software has been released and can be downloaded from the Software page on the Huntron website. So what is new in this release besides the usual maintenance updates (bug fixes)? Read on!

  • Safety Best Practices in the PCB Repair Shop

    4 MIN. READ In more recent times, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often repaired rather than replaced due to the lower expense. Medical imaging devices, for example, along with office equipment and manufacturing robotics can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. Repairing the equipment is often the preferred solution. Not just anyone can […]

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    The Power of Huntron Workstation – Capture, Store and Compare Electronic Measurements

    The Huntron Workstation software has had a long life in various forms since its introduction in the mid 1990’s. Along the way it has matured and grown into more than simply a way to control a Huntron Tracker with a PC. Let’s take a look at how Huntron Workstation started, where it is now and […]

  • The Three-Dimensional PCBs of the Future

    3 MIN. READ What could possibly be better for electronics than 3D printing? If you guessed using its capabilities to print circuit boards (the foundation of most electronic devices), you are exactly right. 3D printing is well on its way to revolutionizing the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. It is almost single-handedly responsible for the […]