To Repair or Not to Repair Your PCBs? That Is the Question

To Repair or Not to Repair Your PCBs? That Is the Question


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the heart of all electronic devices. PCBs are easy to manufacture in mass quantities and can pack a lot of electronic functionality into a compact space. Their space efficiency is achieved by their three-dimensional structure of multiple layers of conductive traces that connect electronic components and insulating material.

When PCBs malfunction, you are faced with the choice of PCB repair, replacing the PCB or disposing of the entire electronic device. For some low-cost electronic devices, the best option is to replace the device. However, for expensive or custom-built devices, this may not be an option and you may be limited to PCB repair or replacement.

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Staying Connected with Huntron

Staying Connected with Huntron

During these strange times Huntron understands the need for all to do what they can to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We also understand that the electronics world has not come to a complete standstill and that sales and technical support are still necessary.

Huntron has always taken pride in the level of sales and technical support we provide to our customers. For a small business such as Huntron, this is vital. While those at Huntron who can work from home are doing so, we are still safely maintaining sales and service for our customers when needed. Contacting Huntron for any support is still through the normal channels such as telephone and email but in some cases responses could be delayed. Also take advantage of resources such as the Huntron Users Support Forum ( ) and the Huntron YouTube channel ( ) for great technical support information. If you are not currently a member of the Huntron Users Support Forum then we highly recommend you join by simply registering. Membership does require your registration be approved by a Forum Admin (a step unfortunately made necessary to avoid forum spammers) but the Forum Admins are checking and approving new registrations several times daily. We encourage you to join in on the conversations!

As always, please contact us with any questions or support needs. We are here to serve you!

Thank you and stay safe.

Another Instrument added to Huntron Workstation

Another Instrument added to Huntron Workstation

B and K Precision model 2841 DC resistance meter

The number of external instruments that Huntron Workstation supports is now up to 7! The B&K Precision model 2841 DC Resistance meter has been added to the instruments that will communicate directly with Huntron Workstation. This meter is extremely useful for measuring at the milli-ohm and micro-ohm resistance levels and can be used to test interconnections, contact resistance and even help locate short circuits. Huntron Workstation helps automate the test process and provide an easy and repeatable test procedure.

Huntron Access DH2 Prober

Huntron Access DH2 Prober

Access DH2 Prober
Access DH2 Robotic Prober

Flexibility, for electronic circuit card assembly diagnosis 

MILL CREEK, Wash., July 24, 2018 — Huntron Inc. announced the addition of the Huntron Access DH2 (Dual Head) Open Architecture Probing Station, “The expertise Huntron gained with developing the original Access DH robotic prober has allowed us to help customers automate their custom test processes. The Access DH2 is refinement based on customer feedback and our own experience.” said Brad Grams, President at Huntron Inc. 

Ensuring Test Flexibility

The Access DH2 Prober is a dual head Robotic Flying Probe system that is best suited for low volume printed circuit assembly (PCA) testing where interfacing between two points is necessary. It can be used with traditional Huntron Tracker products or configured to work with Functional and Parametric test and measurement instruments. The Access DH2 built-in side by side 19″ racks provide plenty of space for PC and integrated test instrumentation giving you a plug and play approach to automating manual guided probe applications.

The Huntron Access DH2 provides clear path to increased productivity and printed circuit card asset recovery ensuring a cost effective approach to shorten repair cycles and enhance conventional test procedures. The benefits are recovery of previously unrepairable PCAs, support of legacy products that have limited or no documentation and diagnosing fallout from functional test. 

Huntron partners with PIDESO on ACCAT system

Huntron partners with PIDESO on ACCAT system

Advanced Circuit Card Automated Test – ACCAT

ACCAT Advanced Circuit Card Automated Test

— January, 2018 — PIDESO and Huntron have joined together to develop the versatile ACCAT system that combines the best of circuit card testing technology. PIDESO has built and maintained its professional reputation as an innovative technical leader. They specialize in development, fielding and life cycle logistics support for military and commercial Automated Test Systems, Test Program Sets and AT Systems capability.
ACCAT’s Flexible solution Meet’s Your Testing Needs
Flexibility, configurable and accelerated test development, defines the ACCAT system. The combination of functional test instrumentation, flexible ITA design, power-off diagnostics and robotic automation ensures you have maximum versatility when developing your test program sets.

  • Reducing time to test and increasing fault coverage leverages the best features of functional and power off testing.
  • ITAs are quickly developed for the circuit card reducing time to test.
  • SimulTest drag and drop graphical test development environment enables engineers and trained technicians to easily create simple or complex test procedures.
  • ACCAT with SimulTest coherent graphical results display and Failure Isolation Matrix make diagnostics more powerful than standalone ATE.
  • Adding automatic guided probes to functional test provides unique I/O and measurement possibilities as well as diagnostics.
  • Complete end-to-end testing without technician intervention.
  • Use power-off ASA diagnostics for safe-to-turn-on and ambiguity group test.

More information on features, benefits and specifications is available on the ACCAT web page

Huntron® Access RF released

Huntron® Access RF released

Huntron Access RF Prober improves the “sniffer probe” approach to RF diagnostics.

Huntron Access RF test system

— March, 2017 — Huntron Inc. has announced the addition of the Huntron Access RF probing station to its product line up. “The Access RF prober applies precise mechanical automation to proven manual RF measurement practices” said Brad Grams, President of Huntron Inc. “Using Near Field measurement techniques we are able to robotically place the Antenna (probe) in the exact position and consistently measure expected values. This method provides more accurate information free from plus/minus swings in deviation experienced when using manual probing.”

Ensuring test flexibility and Accuracy

The Huntron Access RF provides reliable and repeatable Near Field measurements of RF signals. By combining a Huntron Access 2 Prober, Huntron Workstation software, Keysight Spectrum Analyzer and Langer Near Field probes you are able to precisely measure a number of points on the signal path. Using the Huntron Workstation software, Virtual Test Points (VTP’s) are established on the circuit card as measurement locations. Once the VTP’s are set and the circuit card is stimulated to proper levels, the Huntron Access RF will measure and process the data for review. The Huntron Access RF will provide a minimum 10:1 improvement in probing time

Huntron Access RF Availability

Huntron is accepting orders with delivery scheduled second quarter 2017. More information on features, benefits and specifications is available on the Access RF web page

Stantronic Instruments UK to rep Huntron products

Stantronic Instruments UK to rep Huntron products

Stantronic Instruments UK logo

Huntron would like to welcome to Stantronic Instruments UK as the official Huntron distributor for United Kingdom. They are a supplier of electronic test equipment and services located in Bugbrooke. Northampton.

Stantronic Instruments UK
53A High Street
Bugbrooke, Northampton
T: +44 (0)1604 832521
M: +44 (0)7740 935335

Please visit their web site for more information:

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