• PCB Testing – The Benefits and Drawbacks of Common Strategies

    3 MIN. READ Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be manufactured quickly. Pick-and-place machines automate the placement of components onto the PCB, and reflow ovens eliminate the need to solder each connection separately. However, high-speed manufacturing requires a PCB testing strategy that can keep up with production. Slow testing can create a bottleneck in your facility. […]

  • What Is Trending in the World of Printed Circuit Boards?

    3 MIN. READ Printed circuit boards (PCBs) were invented over 80 years ago, yet they continue to evolve. These developing PCB trends are specifically tailored to address demands in the current market. Customers now expect electronic devices to be smaller, less expensive and more adaptable.

  • Huntron Quick Tips on YouTube

    We have recently started taking our well known Huntron “Quick Tips” posted on the Technical Support web page and creating video versions for our YouTube channel. Quick Tips #1 and #2 are posted now so take a look and let us know what you think.

  • To Repair or Not to Repair Your PCBs? That Is the Question

    3 MIN. READ Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the heart of all electronic devices. PCBs are easy to manufacture in mass quantities and can pack a lot of electronic functionality into a compact space. Their space efficiency is achieved by their three-dimensional structure of multiple layers of conductive traces that connect electronic components and insulating […]

  • Staying Connected with Huntron

    During these strange times Huntron understands the need for all to do what they can to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We also understand that the electronics world has not come to a complete standstill and that sales and technical support are still necessary. Huntron has always taken pride in the level of sales […]

  • Huntron Trade in Program

    Trade in your old Huntron Tracker or Prober Take advantage of Huntron’s Trade-In Program. Get $500 off a new Tracker or $5000 off a new Access Prober when you trade in your old one, any model! Full details are on our Trade-in and Repair Policy web page: https://huntron.com/sales-support/repairpolicy.htm

  • Another Instrument added to Huntron Workstation

    The number of external instruments that Huntron Workstation supports is now up to 7! The B&K Precision model 2841 DC Resistance meter has been added to the instruments that will communicate directly with Huntron Workstation. This meter is extremely useful for measuring at the milli-ohm and micro-ohm resistance levels and can be used to test […]

  • Huntron welcomes new rep in Italy

    Huntron would like to extend a warm welcome to CalPower as the official Huntron distributor for Italy. They are a supplier of electronic test equipment and services located in Como, Italy. CalPower SrlVia Acquanera 2922100 COMOItaly39-031526566, 39-031507984 fax Please visit their web site for more information: www.calpower.it

  • Huntron Access DH2 Prober

    Flexibility, for electronic circuit card assembly diagnosis  MILL CREEK, Wash., July 24, 2018 — Huntron Inc. announced the addition of the Huntron Access DH2 (Dual Head) Open Architecture Probing Station, “The expertise Huntron gained with developing the original Access DH robotic prober has allowed us to help customers automate their custom test processes. The Access […]

  • Huntron partners with PIDESO on ACCAT system

    Advanced Circuit Card Automated Test – ACCAT — January, 2018 — PIDESO and Huntron have joined together to develop the versatile ACCAT system that combines the best of circuit card testing technology. PIDESO has built and maintained its professional reputation as an innovative technical leader. They specialize in development, fielding and life cycle logistics support for […]