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Share Your Huntron Experience

We want to hear from Huntron users about how you use your Huntron system. These testimonials will be shared on our Share your Huntron Experience web page with credit to you and your company including a link, if requested.
Here is a breakdown of the topics that we would prefer to see, in no particular order:
1. What do you or your company do?
2. Are you repairing field service returns, evaluating/repairing failures from manufacturing or performing design test?
3. What type of printed circuit boards are you troubleshooting (through-hole, SMD, conformal coated, etc.)?
4. Briefly describe your other test strategies (power-on test, boundary scan, AOI, etc.)
5. How does your Huntron Tracker and/or Access Prober fit into your process and how long have you been a Huntron user?
6. In the effort to keep it real, what do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of your Huntron equipment?
7. Include any additional comments that you feel are relevant.

Submissions should be 500 words or less.
We are looking for variety so submissions will be selected based on your industry (i.e. avionics, medical, third-party repair, etc.), level of PCB troubleshooting experience and writing style. Not every submission will be published and Huntron reserves the right to make minor edits to submissions for clarity or to fix grammar and spelling. If your submission is selected, an edited copy will be emailed to you for approval before publishing. If a submission is particularly informative then it may also be published on the Huntron News blog.
Use the form below to submit your testimonial for consideration. We will contact you directly if your submission is selected.

As a “Thank you” for the submissions that are published, we will provide the end-user with an extra year of Maintenance on their current Workstation license or $1000 off a new license. The extra year of Maintenance can be offered to users with a current, unexpired license only. To see your expiration date, open Huntron Workstation, go to the Help menu and select “About Huntron Workstation”.

If you have any questions please contact us via email at info@huntron.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Huntron values your trust and it is our policy to not share your information with outside sources. You can view Huntron's Privacy Policy for more details (page opens in a new tab or window).