Environmental and Sustainability

Designed for the Environment

Huntron has committed to meet its environmental regulatory obligations. The purpose is to ensure that the goals of product safety, quality, and reliability are achieved in reducing the environmental footprint of our products and processes.

Waste Electronical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)


Huntron products are classified as Category 9 industrial monitoring and control instruments. Our manufacturing processes conform to our standards. These include regulation and directives like RoHS2, REACH and Conflict Minerals. See our Declaration of Conformity to Huntron Quality Standard for more details.


Huntron has been producing quality products and supporting customers all over the world for several decades. Our products conform to our Quality Manual. For information see our Quality Statement.

Huntron Trade-in Program

As part of our environmental and sustainability goals, Huntron wants to make sure that old Huntron products are responsibly recycled. As part of that goal, Huntron offers a trade-in for any one used Tracker or Prober when a new Tracker or Prober is purchased. All trade-in products are responsibly recycled. More information on Trade-in program