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Use your Custom Application with Huntron Access Probers

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The Huntron SDK allows creation of programs that implement control of Huntron hardware products. Using in-house programming or integration services, the SDK allows the creation of custom software systems. The SDK also allows existing programs to be modified to control Huntron hardware. The SDK provides control primarily of Huntron Access Probers but includes other Huntron hardware such as Trackers and Prober cameras. The SDK includes all DLLs needed to control the hardware and sample applications in VB.NET. The DLLs are .NET assemblies with built-in COM interfaces. The DLLs are documented in help files with VB.NET, VC++ and C# prototypes.

  • Adapt Huntron hardware such as the Access Prober to automate your tests
  • Save on hardware development time
  • Utilize a robust, field tested XY platform
  • Use your own software development resources
  • Works by calling functions in Huntron supplied DLLs
  • Included sample application and source code assist you with development
  • Optimum for development in VB.NET
  • Development can occur in any .NET compatible language
  • Download Hardware SDK datasheet
  • Access Prober Specifications
Huntron Hardware SDK diagram
Hardware SDK Use block diagram and Sample Access Prober Camera application (image right) created using the Huntron Hardware SDK (click image to enlarge)

Real World Example using the Huntron Hardware SDK

Huntron Hardware SDK example system
Custom Prober Head used for Mechanical Component Placement (click image to enlarge)

The system shown here was one of several made for a customer who needed to place a specialized hybrid component into a custom test fixture for long term testing. The components are picked up by the Prober Z axis head using a custom suction system and placed into a bed-of-nails type fixture that requires significant downward pressure. A long term stress test is then carried out for several hours. The suction is routed through durable tube placed into the cable bundle of the Prober.
The Z axis drive was designed to handle heavier loads and have increased downforce. A leadcsrew system was used to achieve this goal.
Control of the system uses a custom software application developed by the customer using the Huntron Hardware SDK.
The image on the left shows the inside of the Z axis head mechanism. The customers fits the final pieces of the suction system to the Z axis shaft when they receive the Prober. The image on the right shows the Z axis head with the covers installed.