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Trade-in Program

As part of our environmental and sustainability goals, Huntron wants to make sure that old Huntron products are responsibly recycled. As part of that goal, Huntron offers a trade-in for any one used Tracker or Prober when a new Tracker or Prober is purchased.

Trade-in Discount:
Tracker: $500.00
Prober: $5000.00

When a product trade-in is utilized the trade-in value will be deducted from the purchase price of the new product. We require your trade-in be returned to Huntron within 45 days of the new product invoice date. If the trade-in is not received within 45 days an invoice will be sent to the customer for the value of the trade-in. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. It is important that you contact Huntron to receive a RR (return request) number prior to shipping.
Request a Trade-in Return Request (RR) number

Repair Services

Huntron will repair all products that are in production and service obsolete products five years from their discontinue date and within the limits of available parts. Review the Obsolete Products web page for a list of serviced and non-serviced products. It is important that you fill out the RR form below and receive a RR number prior to shipping.
Request a Repair RR

In Warranty Repairs

- The Customer is responsible for shipping costs to Huntron.
- The product repair (labor and parts) and return shipping costs (UPS) are covered at Huntron expense.
- Contact Huntron for a prober shipping crate if needed.
- If the Customer needs their unit to stay on site, Huntron can send repair parts directly. Huntron Technical Support will identify the needed part number(s) and coordinate installation and performance of the repair by the end user.
Warranty repairs shall only apply to products in ordinary use. Huntron shall have no obligation under these warranties with respect to damage caused by accident, transportation, neglect, misuse, unauthorized alterations or repair, improper installation or operating conditions.

Out of Warranty Repairs

- Customer is charged a minimum of one hour for evaluation of most products. The current hourly repair rate is $200.00/hour.
- The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs to and from Huntron.
- Contact Huntron for a Prober shipping crate if needed.
- The Customer's packaging will be reused unless the packaging is damaged or unsuitable for proper protection of the repaired unit.
- Parts used for repair are priced at US Retail.

Return Request (RR)

Please complete the form below to request a RR number. Do not ship the product until you have received a RR number from Huntron.

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Huntron values your trust and it is our policy to not share your information with outside sources. You can view Huntron's Privacy Policy for more details (page opens in a new tab or window).