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Obsolete Products

Support Policy for Obsolete Products

Huntron will service some obsolete products within the limit of available parts. Some of the older products are no longer serviced (see list below). If you wish to have an obsolete product serviced, contact us first with a description of the problem. This will give us the opportunity to diagnose the problem and help you decide whether or not to send it in for repair. If your unit is on the list below, please call Huntron at 800-426-9265 to discuss service options.
A Return Request (RR) number will be issued before the unit is shipped to Huntron. Do not ship items to Huntron without the RR number.

Huntron Trade-in Program

As part of our environmental and sustainability goals, Huntron wants to make sure that old Huntron products are responsibly recycled. As part of that goal, Huntron offers a trade-in for any one used Tracker or Prober when a new Tracker or Prober is purchased.
More information on Trade-in program


Obsolete products that are software controlled are supported only to the extent of answering technical questions. Workstation 3.x and older versions of software for use with obsolete products are no longer available. Contact Huntron with questions about upgrading to the latest release of Huntron Workstation.

Manuals and Parts

Manuals are available only on the Huntron Product Manual CDROM. This CD is available from Shop Huntron.
Huntron still stocks some parts for obsolete products. Contact us with questions regarding availibilty.

Obsolete Hardware

Huntron has manufactured many Huntron Trackers and accessories since 1976 and many of them are still functioning today. Listed below are Huntron products considered obsolete. Some of the older products cannot be returned to Huntron for service as parts are no longer available. Check the lists below before contacting Huntron for product service.

Obsolete Products - Service available --

Obsolete Products - no service available --

  • Trackers - See current Tracker product line
  • Probers - See current Prober product line
    • Huntron RP388 Robotic Prober (ISA black/white camera - camera cards no longer available)
    • Huntron Prober I (ISA black/white camera - camera cards no longer available)
    • Huntron Prober II and III (ISA and PCI black/white cameras - camera cards no longer available)
    • Huntron Tracker 5300 and 5500 (ISA black/white camera - camera cards no longer available)
    • Huntron Prober IIc and IIIc (PCI color cameras)
    • Huntron Access Prober with PCI color frame grabber
  • Switchers, Scanners and Other Products
    • Huntron Switcher 210, 410, 640
    • Huntron DSI700
    • Huntron ShorTrack model 90
    • Huntron DC Line Sentry model 20
    • Huntron ProTrack Scanner I
    • Huntron Scanner 31S (single channel Scanner for Tracker Model 30)

For those considering buying used Huntron products

Please contact Huntron Technical Support before purchasing used equipment from surplus test equipment suppliers or auction sites such as EBay. In many cases, the equipment does not include all of the parts or accessories that originally shipped with the unit. Some of these parts (such as GPIB or camera cards) are necessary for the equipment to function properly and are no longer manufactured by their OEM. Additionally, software licenses are not transferable and the purchase of a full software license will be required for used equipment.