Huntron DOD NSN Information

Huntron DOD Product Information

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Active Software Product DADMS ID Version SECNAV Last Date Allowed
Huntron Workstation for Windows (HWFW)878844.X2022-03-01
Active Products Huntron P/N NSN Contract Number
Tracker Model 32 (* see note below)06-1165‍6625-01-676-1329N6660418DH800
Tracker 280099-0401‍6625-01-581-4169FA851810M00148
Tracker 2800S99-0402‍6625-01-583-5473-
MP10 (Air Force Kelly)98-00787Z ‍6625-01-116-1323
MP10 (10-1999)98-0078‍6625-0114-20950
* NSN is for exchange, depot source of repair or MTR program In-Service Engineering Agent NUWCDET FEO Norfolk
Non-active Products Huntron P/N Obsolete NSN Contract Number
Access DH-30/NFSA99-04186650-P9-9-0-418FE206702220014
ProTrack M20B and Scanner99-0389BNot assignedN66604-05-D-3098
ProTrack M20B and Scanner99-0364MB7Z ‍6625-01-521-7389N00104-05-D-X402
ProTrack M20B and Scanner99-0370B7Z ‍6625-01-521-7388N00104-05-D-X402
Access Prober (Air Force, Robins)99-0376 (PCI) or 99-0387 (PXI)7Z 6625-01-535-5582RHNot Assigned
ProTrack M20A final assembly06-11227H ‍6625-01-495-0006
ProTrack M20A99-03627H ‍6625-01-495-0006
ProTrack M20A and Scanner99-03707ZH 6625-01-481-1988TENOO10498-D-X101
ProTrack M20A and Scanner99-0364Not AssignedN66600-D-0845
ProTrack/Scanner I Travel Case98-0461Not assignedN66604-05-D-3098
2700S99-03817Z ‍6625-01-529-5140N00104-05-D-X410
2000B, (Navy, SPCC)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-391-4404NOO10497-D-X205
2000 (Air Force, Kelly)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-239-4638
2000 (Air Force)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-287-3379
2000 (DLA, MED Corp)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-217-7608
2000 (Navy, SPCC)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-258-2893
DSI700 (Air Force)99-00957Z ‍6625-01-377-8036
410 (Air Force, Kelly)99-00907Z ‍6625-01-164-2224
410 (Navy, SPCC)99-00907GH ‍6625-01-257-7235
2000B/410, (Navy, SPCC)99-01427Z ‍6625-01-399-2299NOO10497-D-X205
2000/410, (Navy, SPCC)99-01427Z ‍6625-01-274-4662
ShorTrack (DESC)99-01807Z ‍6625-01-385-1588
5100DS (Navy, SPCC)99-03147Z ‍6625-01-358-3159
5100DS (Navy, SPCC)99-03157Z 6‍625-01-325-3672
5100DS (DOD)99-03127Z ‍6625-01-348-9634
RP388/5100DS99-03487Z ‍6625-01-378-8012
1000 (Air Force, Kelly)99-00527Z ‍6625-01-115-0395