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General Services Administration (GSA) Sales

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Huntron Tracker 3200S, Tracker 2800, Tracker 2800S, Access Probers and their accessories are available on GSA Contract exclusively through TestEquity. With nearly 50 years of experience serving all segments of the government marketplace, TestEquity are experts in federal, state and local regulations. Their Government Team is dedicated to making your experience with us fast, easy, and efficient. From Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to special packaging requirements, TestEquity is committed to meeting all of your needs.

Contract No.: GS-07F-284BA - Scientific Equipment and Services - FSC Group 6640
TestEquity LLC
6100 Condor Drive
Moorpark, CA 93021
Phone: 800-832-4866
FAX: 800-854-8665

Huntron DOD Product Information

Active Software Product DADMS ID Version SECNAV Last Date Allowed
Huntron Workstation for Windows (HWFW)878844.X2022-03-01
Active Products Huntron P/N NSN Contract Number
Tracker Model 32 (* see note below)06-1165‍6625-01-676-1329N6660418DH800
Tracker 280099-0401‍6625-01-581-4169FA851810M00148
Tracker 2800S99-0402‍6625-01-583-5473-
MP10 (Air Force Kelly)98-00787Z ‍6625-01-116-1323
MP10 (10-1999)98-0078‍6625-0114-20950
* NSN is for exchange, depot source of repair or MTR program In-Service Engineering Agent NUWCDET FEO Norfolk
Non-active Products Huntron P/N Obsolete NSN Contract Number
Access DH-30/NFSA99-04186650-P9-9-0-418FE206702220014
ProTrack M20B and Scanner99-0389BNot assignedN66604-05-D-3098
ProTrack M20B and Scanner99-0364MB7Z ‍6625-01-521-7389N00104-05-D-X402
ProTrack M20B and Scanner99-0370B7Z ‍6625-01-521-7388N00104-05-D-X402
Access Prober (Air Force, Robins)99-0376 (PCI) or 99-0387 (PXI)7Z 6625-01-535-5582RHNot Assigned
ProTrack M20A final assembly06-11227H ‍6625-01-495-0006
ProTrack M20A99-03627H ‍6625-01-495-0006
ProTrack M20A and Scanner99-03707ZH 6625-01-481-1988TENOO10498-D-X101
ProTrack M20A and Scanner99-0364Not AssignedN66600-D-0845
ProTrack/Scanner I Travel Case98-0461Not assignedN66604-05-D-3098
2700S99-03817Z ‍6625-01-529-5140N00104-05-D-X410
2000B, (Navy, SPCC)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-391-4404NOO10497-D-X205
2000 (Air Force, Kelly)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-239-4638
2000 (Air Force)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-287-3379
2000 (DLA, MED Corp)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-217-7608
2000 (Navy, SPCC)99-00807Z ‍6625-01-258-2893
DSI700 (Air Force)99-00957Z ‍6625-01-377-8036
410 (Air Force, Kelly)99-00907Z ‍6625-01-164-2224
410 (Navy, SPCC)99-00907GH ‍6625-01-257-7235
2000B/410, (Navy, SPCC)99-01427Z ‍6625-01-399-2299NOO10497-D-X205
2000/410, (Navy, SPCC)99-01427Z ‍6625-01-274-4662
ShorTrack (DESC)99-01807Z ‍6625-01-385-1588
5100DS (Navy, SPCC)99-03147Z ‍6625-01-358-3159
5100DS (Navy, SPCC)99-03157Z 6‍625-01-325-3672
5100DS (DOD)99-03127Z ‍6625-01-348-9634
RP388/5100DS99-03487Z ‍6625-01-378-8012
1000 (Air Force, Kelly)99-00527Z ‍6625-01-115-0395