Power-off PCB Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Tools

Huntron® ProTrack® Model 10 and Model 20

Replaced by the Tracker 3200S

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ProTrack family
ProTrack I with ProTrack Scanner and Access Prober

Introduced in 1995, the ProTrack was the first generation of programmable ASA instruments. It was discontinued in 2007.
The ProTrack let you set the voltage, resistance and frequency to best match the characteristics of the component you were testing. At the same time, Huntron's exclusive STAR (Safe Tracker Active Range) feature eliminated the possibility of damaging a component by setting test parameters beyond its current limitations.
The value of customizing test ranges became apparent when testing in-circuit components. A fixed-range test produced a composite signature that could mask variations in the signature. By testing with different combinations of voltage, resistance and frequency you could view signatures for each of the components of the composite signature. The ProTrack I benchtop instrument let you set and store 20 customized test groups, with four test ranges for each group. Connecting the ProTrack (Model 20) to a personal computer let you create and store customized test ranges for an unlimited number of components and pins.

Huntron ProTrack and the US Navy Gold Disk Program

Saving Millions in Cost Avoidance
The US Navy Gold Disk program uses the Huntron ProTrack, listed as part of the AN/USM-674 test system, as one of the primary instruments for helping their personnel troubleshoot current and legacy PCBs. Since they are repairing these PCBs in-house, the avoided costs of vendor repair/replacement has resulted in millions of dollars in savings over the course of the program.

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Huntron Tracker 3200S

Tracker 3200S
Huntron Tracker 3200S

The Huntron® Tracker® 3200S is designed to encompass our product history and leadership in power-off test by providing powerful test and troubleshooting solutions.
The Tracker 3200S is the replacement for the ProTrack and features variable range parameters resulting in 100’s of combinations of voltage, source resistance and frequency. You can create Tracker ranges to precisely fit your needs.
The Tracker 3200S uses a color, touch screen LCD for control of features such as range configuration, front panel pin selection and Channel A/B settings. The Tracker 3200S LCD provides a very fast screen refresh rate for quick screening of component pins and display the A and B channel signatures at the same time (A+B mode). The built-in Pulse Generator enables you to dynamically test gated devices such as SCRs, TRIACs and relays. It features two 64 pin IDC connectors for use with IC clips or custom cable interfaces or connect to a Huntron Access Prober for full diagnostic automation.

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