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Huntron® TrackerPXI®

This product has been discontinued. Please consider the Tracker 3200S.

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The Huntron TrackerPXI ™ is designed to add component level diagnostics to your existing PXI test platform. Take advantage of Tracker Signature Analysis capabilities to help you troubleshoot printed circuit board (PCB) faults to the component level and without applying power, saving circuits from possible further damage.
The TrackerPXI enables the user to set the applied voltage, frequency and source resistance to best match the circuit characteristics and display the optimum Tracker signature. Using the TrackerPXI with Huntron Workstation software will allow for creation of complete test routines and signature storage.

The Huntron TrackerPXI is controlled by the Huntron Workstation software for test database creation and signature capture. Signatures from known good PCBs are stored in the test database and used for comparison when troubleshooting suspect PCBs. Interfacing the Huntron TrackerPXI to test points can be accomplished manually using Huntron Microprobes, supported PXI switch cards or automatically when used with a Huntron Robotic Prober such as the Huntron Access Automated Probing Station.

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Huntron Tracker 3200S

Tracker 3200S
Huntron Tracker 3200S

The Huntron® Tracker® 3200S is designed to encompass our product history and leadership in power-off test by providing powerful test and troubleshooting solutions.
The Tracker 3200S is the replacement for the ProTrack and features variable range parameters resulting in 100’s of combinations of voltage, source resistance and frequency. You can create Tracker ranges to precisely fit your needs.
The Tracker 3200S uses a color, touch screen LCD for control of features such as range configuration, front panel pin selection and Channel A/B settings. The Tracker 3200S LCD provides a very fast screen refresh rate for quick screening of component pins and display the A and B channel signatures at the same time (A+B mode). The built-in Pulse Generator enables you to dynamically test gated devices such as SCRs, TRIACs and relays. It features two 64 pin IDC connectors for use with IC clips or custom cable interfaces or connect to a Huntron Access Prober for full diagnostic automation.

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